Love to visit a Northern South America i.e., Colombia? There are some most attractive tourist places to travel like Andes Mountains and the rainforests for which Colombia famous for. Plan today to travel with your family in Northern South America, then go on a Colombia tour and travel to 10 fabulous places.


1. Cartagena

In Colombia, Cartagena is the most joyful, ambitious and charming place to visit and it is also known as the crown jewel of the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. There is colourful colonial architecture in the old town which is covered by green and juicy plants and a soaring church tower which keeps freshness in your mind.


2. Zona Cafetero

It is the third biggest grower of coffee beans in the globe but it’s very prime than Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío, all of which initiate Zona Cafeterio, which exactly means “coffer axis”. It is a house of extensive agriculture and plantations that continue to open up their functioning through the current years for tourism, tasting and for experience and watching a beautiful bungalow for the visitors at the gorgeous farms.


3. Medellin

Medellin is the capital of the hilly region of Antioquia in Colombia and has been bynamed the “City of Eternal Spring”, for the glorious moderate season continuously appreciated by visitors. Before 20 years, Medellin was well famous for drug cartels, so it is called the loveliest city in the globe.


4. San Agustin

Many tourists have forgotten to travel to San Agustin in Colombia. There are plenty of flowers, hill stations, archaeological park houses & more than five hundred varieties of monoliths, statues etc. This town has beautiful small landscapes, monsters as well as reptiles like snakes, jaguars and birds etc.


5. Bogota

Bogota is quickly becoming one of the top places in Colombia. It is the nation’s capital and also the largest city in the country. Few favourites of it for the concrete jungle. It featured coupled with the temperate climate while a few loves it for the ending colonial attraction along with its urban worldliness.


6. Providencia Island

On this Sunny and blissful island, visitors can search isolated beaches and untouched coral reefs. It is located near Nicaragua in the Caribbean which radiates seven shades of blue, visitors can have gala time diving and snorkelling within its inviting waves The golden sands and tall palm trees are the crown jewel providing this island with a delicious fragrance.


7. Mompox

The prominent book “One Hundred Years of Solitude” features the imaginary city of Macondo which is considered to be taken as creativity from Mompox itself. Guests may find themselves overstaying in this comfortable small city, where there are no more things to do except maybe fishing and taking a stroll.


8. Popayan

Popayan is a wonderful town in Colombia in the USA and was constructed during the colonial period. It is situated in the southwestern part of the United States and is also known as the White City because its buildings have deep-white coloured. The hills in the Valle de Pubenza tower are the border of the city.


9. Villa de Leyva

This town is one of the most visited Colombian tourist placesfor the celebration of festivals like the onion beauty pageant and more. Villa de Leyva is a tiny town in Colombia in South America and less than a four-hour drive away from Bogota. The Plaza Mayor is the biggest square place in the city.


10. Tayrona National Park

The Tayrona National Park presents a huge genetic diversity ranging from change to clouds and forests. This park is popular with nature lovers and those who love exploring the earliest ruins. The Andean Condor, an endangered bird species is also domestic to this region.



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Q1: Which is the most famous city in Colombia?
Ans: Cartagena is a very popular town in Colombia for colonial architecture, fortress and walls etc. 

Q2: Which cities you must visit in Colombia?
Ans: We recommend you travel to five favourite cities in Colombia that are Medellin, Bogota, Cartagena, Mompox, and San Agustin.

Q3: What is the most visited place in Colombia?
Ans: Old town of Cartagena is the favourite place visited mostly by travellers.

Q4: When should I visit Colombia?
Ans: You should visit Colombia between December to March and June to September.