If you are a travel lover, you look to book cheap low-cost US Airlines matching your budget. But, it’s difficult for anyone to get exact details of every USA airline offering the cheapest airlines in the USA at exciting deals. So, you always attempt to book expensive flights in hurry. Multiple airlines are providing assistance to their customers in booking low-budget USA flights.

A few airlines continuously fly for various destinations within the USA and abroad daily. You can search and compare the best flights for you with low-budget. Recently, multiple airlines are working tirelessly to attract a lot of explorers through non-expensive flights. In this write-up, we provide the complete details of flight booking costs for the top 10 USA airlines for you. Kindly read them carefully to book the low-cost airlines in USA.

Top Ten Low-Cost Airlines in the USA

We provide here the list of the top 10 cheapest airlines in the USA providing low-cost airlines to the USA for exploring your favourite places. Travellers must choose these airlines every time for travelling to multiple destinations within the USA and abroad. Grab tickets from the cheapest airlines in the USA by following the attractive deals of these listed top 10 USA Airlines.


  • United Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Allegiant Air
  • Breeze Airways
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Sun Country Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines

United Airlines

United Airlines is observed as the safest airline to fly for any destination within the USA and abroad. It provides exceptional flights at low rates to fly to your favourite landmarks. If you need cheapest airlines in USA, always book your flights with United Airlines.


  • Average domestic travel price – The average cost to fly to domestic cities for a round-trip journey is around $250-$300 for travellers.
  • A number of Daily Flights – Approximately 4995 flights per day to 411 USA airports.
  • Classes by Category – United Airlines offer different types of classes to its passengers that are United Business, United Premium Plus, United Economy Plus, United Basic Economy, United Economy, United First and United Polaris.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is working on affordable flights to attract huge folks to travel within the USA and abroad. Alaska airlines provide luxurious flights on equivalent low-budget for its passengers as compared to other airlines.


  • Average Domestic Travel Prices – Fly with Alaska for a single week which costs around $1100 per person. So, round-trip flights to any domestic destination cost around $22,500 per person for one week.
  • A number of Per Day Flights – nearly 1125 flights per day to multiple domestic cities.
  • Classes by Category – Four cabin classes are offered in Alaska are usually economy, premium economy, first class and business class.

Allegiant Air

An opportunity for passengers to book a sensible budget flight with brilliant airlines i.e., Allegiant Air. They focus on customers' choices of getting low-cost airlines in USA.


  • Average Domestic Travel Prices – The airfare for a scheduled flight is limited to $55 for various cities within the USA.
  • Daily Flights – a difference is seen per day in domestic flight numbers for flying within the United States.
  • Classes By Category - Allegiant Air offers only one class to its passengers – economy class.

Hawaiian Airlines

A top-notch airline offering huge discounts on flight booking to the USA for its travel-loving passengers. They offer vital services to their travellers at the cheapest rates. If you are looking for a low-cost airline in USA, go with Hawaiian Airlines.


  • Average Domestic Travel Rates – The average travel prices range from $255 to $ 2200 for domestic travel.
  • Per Day Flights – Passengers will get almost 270 flights or more per day to travel Hawaii and explore the seashores and numerous beaches.
  • Classes by Category – Hawaiian Airlines offer some cabin classes like Main Cabin, Main Cabin Basic, First Class and Business Class.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit provides luxurious space to their passengers at low-cost flight rates. It is recognized as the low-cost airline in the USA providing most flights within the country at a low budget.


  • Average Travel Flight Rates – Spirit Airlines offer flights ranging from $5 to $60 for most of the US cities' routes.
  • Per Day Flights – Almost 550 flights per day.
  • Classes by Category – Economy, premium economy, first class and business class cabins to its passengers at cheaper rates.

Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country works on offering additional flights to most of the US city's routes at minimum rates. They fly from one part of the US to the other part of another country at completely affordable prices.


  • Average Domestic Journey Rates - $10 to $40
  • Per Day Flights – Around 650 flights per day with 450 planes
  • Classes by Category – Premium, Extra Row, and Standard

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines offer attractive flights at reasonable rates to fly anywhere in the United States. They are recognized for keeping low passages. The airlines also offer vouchers to their passengers who missed their flights due to certain reasons. The airlines provide multiple flights to fly domestically at low rates to their passengers.


  • Average Domestic Journey Rates – A low-budget airline provide you journey rates under 150 dollars for most of the United States routes on average.
  • Per Day Flights – More than 750 planes are in service with 4500 daily flights to multiple air routes.
  • Classes by Category – Anytime, Wanna Get Away, and Business Select.

JetBlue Airways

JetBlue is one of the affordable flights in the United States offering multiple deals per day to its passengers to enjoy their favourite destinations within the United States.


  • Average Flying Cost – A flight price ranges from $10 to $35.
  • Per Day Flights – 1150 per day flights.
  • Classes by Category – Blue Plus, Blue and Blue Flex.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines provides more than 2700 flights daily to various US domestic routes at minimal rates to its passengers. They are focussed on increasing the passenger’s interest in travelling with them by keeping the flight rates low.


  • Average Journey Cost – Flights range from $30 to $66.
  • Per Day Flights – 450 or more.
  • Classes by Category – Economy, Classic, Classic Plus and Basic.


A minimal-cost airline is keeping flight rates low because they need not pay huge refunds or compensation to travellers in any situation and don’t prefer to employ a big team to handle them. They cut food prices on flights to attract more travellers avoiding extra charges to pay while travelling anywhere within the United States. So, if you’re searching for the cheapest airlines in the USA, book your flights with Farecopy which offer extra discounts other than flights to its customers.



Q1: Which is the best airline to fly within the United States?
Ans: Delta Airlines is the leader in domestic and international travel. In terms, of flight entertainment, seat comfort, check-in, booking, and service, Delta is ranked higher among customers.

Q2: Which are the cheapest airlines in the USA?
Ans: Some of the cheapest airlines in the USA are JetBlue, Ryanair, Frontier, EasyJet, WestJet, etc. 

Q3: Which are the cheapest days to fly in the United States
Ans: The cost-effective days to fly in the United States per week are Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday for customers.

Q4: Which airline has the best economy class to fly anywhere around the world?
Ans: Emirates is the first before Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines ranking second and third in providing the best economy class to their passengers.