When it comes to the Islands, Hawaii is the right choice. Anyone wondering to visit Islands should immediately take a Hawaii flight and land there. While talking about Hawaii, it is really not one destination but six unique, eclectic, and diverse islands destination to visit. Go and search for flights to Hawaii and book one for you to soothe your eyes with the best Island view.

The Big Island

This is the largest island in Hawaii. Millions of tourists visit The Big Island every year. This is one of the great places for people who love to see volcanoes love to enjoy outdoor adventures, people who love open spaces. One of the great places you can visit here is Kilauea-volcano which is located in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, here you can also take a helicopter tour of the volcano. This island also has black and green sand beaches. One of the incredible experiences you can have there is swimming with dolphins and this is the must-do activity on The Big Island. There are many more places and things which you will love to experience. The airport to which you will fly to reach out this place is Kona International Airport.

Valley Isle                       

Maui is known as the Valley Isle. This is the second largest island of Hawaii. Many visitors visit this place for the view of humpback whales migrating in winter, for its world-class beaches, for its beautiful view, and for their delicious food. This is also the best island in the United States. One of the best things about Maui is that there are town parties every Friday which you can attend for free. In every season this place always has interesting weather. It is just about when you are willing to go, every time and season is perfect. There are many wonderful places like Lahaina, a historic town, Hana, this place has many of waterfalls, pools, and rainforests, Napili Beach, and this is the most visited beach. The primary airport through which you will land close to this island is Kahului Airport.

Gathering Place

Oahu is nicknamed the gathering place because this is the most populated Hawaiian island. This is the third largest island of Hawaii. It's famously known for its nightlife, incredible cuisine, beaches, and sights. Some beautiful places here like the Waterfalls of the Ko'olau mountain range, you can also take a helicopter tour of Oahu, and you can shark dive and turtle canyon here. There are some events and festivals which are held from time to time and one of the best festivals is Eat the Street, it's a festival of food so you can the variety of delicious food on this island. The best time to go here is every time according to the season. This is totally a heaven-like and must-to-go place. Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (Honolulu) is also known as Honolulu International Airport, this is the nearest Airport as it is located on this island.

Garden Island

Kauai is known as garden island. This is the fourth largest island of Hawaii which is known for its sightseeing and natural beauty. It's a paradise-like place, especially for adventurers type, hikers type, and beachgoers type people. This is the oldest Hawaiian island. Interesting thing is that this island has a lot of lounges, bars, and nightclubs that are all around the island. It’s also known as the garden island and also the romantic place. This is the wettest island also because it rains all the time here. Kauai has perfect weather all the time. There are many delicious food and dishes on this island and one of the traditional dishes is Saimin, which is basically a Chinese egg noodles soup. Also, this island has awesome places where visitors love to spend time. The nearest airport to this island is Lihue Airport.

The Friendly Isle

Molokai is known as the friendly isle. It is the fifth largest island of Hawaii. This island has the tallest sea cliffs into the world and the longest white sand beaches. Millions of visitors visit this place to enjoy the fully Hawaiian culture, world-class beaches, humpback whales, some awesome waterfalls, and many great places like Papohaku Beach, Halawa Beach, St. Joseph Church, and delicious cuisine. There you can also do the water activities like kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, snorkeling, and more. All these attraction points are priceless. There some events and festivals monthly held on this island are Ka Molokai Makahiki in January, which is a traditional type event, Outrigger Canoe Season, which is a race that occurs weekly, King Kamehameha Celebration in June, which is a national holiday and celebrated through the floral parade. The best time to visit this place is summer as the temperature is more comfortable to enjoy. The nearest Airport is Molokai Airport, which is a local airport. 

Other than this there are some other major islands are also in Hawaii like Lanai and Niihau. It is that famous for the tourist points but these islands also cover the major parts of Hawaii.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which airline flies to Hawaii?

Ans- Several renowned airlines including Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines have flights to Hawaii. 

2. Which month is the cheapest to fly to Hawaii?

Ans- If you want to make your trip cheap and affordable then you must travel to Hawaii in the month of February and March. December and January are considered to be the time when your trip to Hawaii can be expensive.

3. What are the few best Hawaii flights and hotel packages?