Planning a trip to Hawaii brings many questions to one’s head. Which is the best island in Hawaii? Are there any Hawaii flights between islands? However, the answer depends from person to person. Whether going to Hawaii for soft sandy beaches or for some adventure. You plan everything accordingly, grabbing your favorite outfits, checking for Hawaii flight deals, and preparing a to-do-list. Let’s have a look at things that you can do in Hawaii.


Hawaii is like a paradise of islands. There are so much of interesting and amazing things to do and places to go. Travelers love to visit Hawaii just to experience the islands, beautiful sightseeing, natural beauty, the Hawaiian culture, and Hawaiian food; if we particularly talk about food then you will get the best delicious dishes in Hawaii that you have never tasted in your life before. There has such a beautiful attraction point that one who visits that place once, never forgets it. So, here is a list of some best things you can do in Hawaii:

Islands of Hawaii

In Hawaii, there are so many islands like The Big Island, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, and many more. There are many beautiful beaches on these islands and more and more people go to visit and enjoy the beauty there. The beaches of these islands are very famous all over the world. Name of some beaches are Hanauma Bay, Poipu Beach, Honaunau Beach, North Shore, and Lanikai Beach and they are so breathtaking. The great part is that along with enjoying the natural beauty you can also take a helicopter tour on some of these islands which is so cool and enjoyable.

Famous Attraction Points of Hawaii

Hawaii has the best places to visit around the world and Pearl Harbor is in the top of the list which is located in Oahu. You can easily reach the location through Oahu Hawaii Flights. Volcanoes National Park in The Big Island, here you can closely look at the active volcano. Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head State Monument in Oahu, Mauna Kea in Big Island, this is a tropical paradise which is very cold and there's snow in winter, Kauai's Botanical Garden. These are the biggest attraction points in Hawaii and there are many more like these. This places have such a vibes that whoever goes here once, will not feel like coming back again.

Famous Food of Hawaii

Now what to say about the food of Hawaii, It is so delicious that even after filling one's stomach, one does not get satisfied. Traditional dishes of Hawaii have some specialties of their own which makes those dishes more delicious. Some of the names of the dishes are Hawaiian Plate in which you will get serve with Mac salad, rice, kinds of poke, kalua pig, poi. All Natural Shave Ice, it's a kind of sweet dish but iconic. Saimin, it's a traditional dish and comes under local food. The Coconut, it's a signature desert of Hawaii, Taro Ko Farm Chips, these are some sweet potato chips. There are so many dishes that once you eat them, you will keep on saying. Also there are some of the famous restaurants of Hawaii are Mama's Fish House is located in Maui, this beat known for their fish and they are fisherman also. Now you may wonder are there any flights to Maui? Then the answer is yes, many airlines offers flights direct to Maui. Coming to another Lucky Belly in Oahu, this is famously known for its ramen. No ka Oi Grindz Lanai in Lanai, their all food is so yum!. Kona Brewing Company in The Big Island, they are known for their food like pizzas, sandwiches, burger and many more.

Fun Activities in Hawaii

There are many activities you can do in Hawaii with your friends and family which you will definitely enjoy a lot. Some adventure activities, some fun activities, some water activities like Snorkeling and sailing in Maui, the water here is warm and beautiful, Humpback Whale Watching between November and April, Golfing in Kapalua Resort , Sightseeing, Beach Hopping, some Cultural Attractions which just blow your mind open up your soul, body. You can also surf in Waikiki beach, hike, paddle boarding, this is one of the top things in Hawaii. You can camp in beaches; have helicopter tours around the islands for some amazing scenic views. Like these there are many activities that you can do in Hawaii which you will love to do.

Famous Events and Festivals of Hawaii

There are many different types of events and festivals happening every month in Hawaii. Some annual events like Honolulu Marathon in December, Hawaii International Film Festival in October, and Prince Lot Hula Competition in July. Some food festivals are Hawaii Food and Wine Festival in October; in this, you can taste different types of food and different flavor of wine. Kapalua Wine and Food Festival in June, the Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival in November, in this you can experience variety of coffee flavors, Kaua Chocolate and Coffee Festival in October. You can easily join these events and festivals and have a lot of fun there.